Mural Work

Whether  a small or large mural, we are confident we can create a unique artwork for your space that will stand out.

Having  close networks and access to other local artists, gives us a  unique  opportunity to work collaboratively on projects of  a larger scale.

We will work closely with you and present you with various designs to suit your needs and purpose.

Here is a project that has recently been completed in the city center as part of  a council art funded project to brighten up the CBD laneways.

mural ewan lane cairnsCosts to consider when planning a mural project:

– Artwork design and application

– Preparation of the wall  surface, possible cleaning, treatment or undercoat

– Materials such as paint, brushes, coversheets, chalk, tape

– Licences if applicaple if artwork affects a public space (e.g. road closure license)

– Hiring equipment such as scissor lift, lights, projector, generator,  ladders or scaffolding

– Ongoing maintainance of mural

– Public health and safety awareness